Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, at Belvin's Advertisement we help our clients with monthly changes and updates to the website or advertisement if agreed to by the client and our company.
Normally between 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the project and the type of complexity that is needed and added for the project.
All of our client's website are all built from scratch meaning line by line of code. Most of our client's website are hosted with wix, but depending on the type of website we find what best fits your website build project type.
For building a website we ask for a logo of your company, pictures that you would like on your website, as well as some text that you will like in certain sections(i.e. About Page). We also ask if you are wanted a online website we ask for descriptions and pictures of the products you do sell as well as other basic information (i.e. price, if there is a sale, colors).
As soon as your website is not online or an error occurs, we will investigate to figure the situation and will inform you about the situation and inform you of what the reason is for and we will do our end of work to get your website back online.